Journal of Neurology

The Journal of Neurology is an international journal which officially represents the European Neurological Society and provides a source for publishing original communications on clinical neurology and related basic research:

Every neurologist interested in the field of organic neurological disease needs access to the information contained in this valuable journal!

Information on the Journal's Impact Factor
In 2006, the published Impact Factor of the Journal of Neurology by ISI was 2.984.

Even though the Impact Factor is probably the best known product of ISI, part of the Thomson Corporation, it is not always easy to remember how the value is calculated:

The Impact Factor of Journal of Neurology has developed nicely over the years with only a few fluctuations. Compared to 1997 when Journal of Neurology had an Impact Factor of 1.976 corresponding with position 23 of 106 journals in the ranking of the category clinical neurology, whereas the 2006 value corresponds with position 31 of now 146 journals. This shows clearly that Journal of Neurology has been able not only to maintain but improve its standing.