For J Neurol 16/06/2008

European board examination in neurology

Wolfgang Grisold and Svein Mellgren on behalf of the UEMS/European board of neurology and the joint ENS /EFNS examination committee:

The UEMS/Board and Section of Neurology will establish a European Board Examination in neurology from 2009 onwards. This will be part of a European quality circle to improve and boost the training and education of neurology in Europe. Additionally the UEMS/EBN will establish visitation of departments by a UEMS/EBN visitation committee to secure the quality of education. Residents who train in visited centres will receive a reduction of the examination fee.

The examination will consist of two parts. A written part is based on a multiple choice test and an oral examination, where 4 cases with structured questions and answers will have to be answered. Extra points can be obtained by presenting an own case or his or her scientific work achieved during training.

The question and the case pool will be developed with both the scientific panels of the ENS (European Neurological Society) and the EFNS (European Federation of Neurological Societies) which together with the UEMS/EBN will create a joint European examination committee, to be advisory to the UEMS/EBN.

The details and registration procedure will be announced on the UEMS/EBN website ( In the first phase of the examination only candidates from EU countries are eligible, and they must either have passed their national examination or have a confirmation of their national society, that they are eligible to do so. This national confirmation will also take into account the practical skills. Thus, the UEMS/EBN examination will be a three step process consisting of national certification, and the written and oral UEMS/EBN test.

As the European countries have their own qualification systems, the UEMS/EBN examination will have no legal power but may be considered as a significant mark of excellence. For the future it is hoped that countries which have no qualification system yet will adopt this examination as their standard. The successful candidates of the UEMS/EBN will be awarded the title “Fellow of the European Board of Neurology”.

The UEMS/EBN will cooperate with the two largest European neurological societies (ENS and EFNS) to develop the UEMS/EBN examination, launch it and maintain the quality by a continuous update and scientific input. An examination committee of the UEMS/EBN and the ENS and EFNS is in the process of being put together

The first examination will take place during the ENS congress in Milan in 2009.