ENS Subcommittees

With the increasing diversity of our specialty we felt it necessary to have an executive committee more representative of the membership. In order to do so we would like to have the ENS members more involved in the policy of our group. We have thus set up the following process:

  • Organise subcommittees representing the various fields of Neurology,
  • The subcommittee members have to:
    • Nominate candidates for elections at the Executive Committee
    • Suggest themes, chairmen and speakers for courses and symposia

The aim for each subcommittee is to have a meeting during each year’s annual ENS meeting in order to finalise the ideas which have been forwarded during the year.

Every ENS member is cordially invited to play a role in the future of European neurology and therefore to sign in one (or two) of the following subcommittees. In order to join, please contact the Secretariat.

Basic/preclinical neuroscience Armando Sena, PT
Behavioural and cognitive
neurology & Dementia
Elio Scarpini, IT
Cerebrovascular disorders Franz Fazekas, AT
Child neurology Mefkure Eraksoy, TR
Clinical neurogenetics Davide Pareyson, IT
Clinical neurophysiology Christian Krarup, DK
Epilepsy & Sleep disorders Claudio Bassetti, CH
General Neurology & Intensive Care Claudio Bassetti, CH
Headache Hans-Christoph Diener, DE
Higher Cortical Functions Lüder Deecke, AT
Infectious disorders Erich Schmutzhard, AT
Motor neuron disease Vincenzo Silani, IT
Movement disorders Kailash Bhatia, UK
Multiple sclerosis /
demyelinative diseases of CNS
Ioannis Milonas, GR
Muscle and neuromuscular
junction disorders
Zohar Argov, IL
Neuroimaging Massimo Filippi, IT
Neuro-oncology Riccardo Soffietti, IT
Neuro-otology & N-ophthalmology Thomas Brandt, DE
Neurorehabilitation Volker Dietz, DE
Pain Osvaldo Nascimento, BR
Peripheral neuropathy Claudia Sommer, DE